Average People Making Jesus Famous

We don't believe you need a degree in theology to spread the good news about Jesus. Quite the contrary, we believe the best ministry is done by regular people who communicate Jesus in the simplest of terms.

The church, not ax church

Other churches are our allies, not enemies. We work with other churches to see greater things happen than we could do alone. It’s all about God’s Kingdom. We will gladly recommend other churches to you if Ax isn’t your style.

not lost to found, lost to finding

The end goal isn’t simply to have a relationship with Jesus; it is to help others start a relationship with Jesus too. We believe that every person can become a great example of Jesus by going through our discipleship process.

faith without action is dead

We never let our words travel farther than our feet. If we say we care about something, then we are going to do something about it. Likewise, action without faith is dead too. We aren’t ashamed to say that what we do is because of Jesus.

people, not programs

We invest our time and energy into people instead of elaborate ministry programs. Our goal is for you to participate in Ax, but also have time to be an example of Jesus to people in the real world.

meeting people where they're at

We welcome people to come as they are, but we aren’t going to stop there. We want to go to the places they are at and meet them wherever they may be physically, emotionally and spiritually.

do what you can, with what you have, where you are

No one can do everything, but everyone can do something. It isn’t about some elaborate and
confusing plan, it’s about doing what you can today. Anyone can make a difference in the immediate world around them.

every person is valuable

Jesus was never a respecter of persons and neither are we. Whether rich or poor, scholar or
uneducated, Ax will treat you the same and take time to show you love. No one is too big or little to be a part of our community.

everyone has a story

Each and every person has experiences that have shaped who they are. We not only respect that, but we want to hear about it. Stories are what life is all about and Jesus has a way of dramatically changing our stories.

victories should be celebrated

Life is too short not to have fun. When stuff goes right at Ax or in the lives of our friends, we celebrate it. Good news is always spread and good work is praised.

controversy follows jesus

We follow Jesus, so controversy follows us. We aren’t afraid of being called names or questioned about our beliefs by religious people; the same thing happened to Jesus. We want to do things that other churches won’t do, so we can reach people that other churches won’t reach.

brutal authenticity

We believe that honesty is the best course of action in all circumstances. We want everyone in Ax to feel comfortable sharing their flaws and failures instead of putting on a mask to cover it up. None of us have it all figured out, so why pretend?

actively irreligious

Religion is primarily about rules and outward practices, but those things really don’t get us any closer to God. We believe that if a person starts a relationship with Jesus, their life will change naturally. We don’t make anything sacred that doesn’t have to be and we seek out ways to keep us from getting caught up in religion.