HELP is the mission strategy for Ax Church. This represents four main groups of people which need the assistance of the church in a desperate way. (Hungry, Enslaved, Lost, Plagued) We would like to see radical change take place in the lives of those who fall into these categories both globally and locally.

In order to see this become a reality, Ax has partnered with a few organizations that are doing a great job giving assistance to these groups of people. By helping these organizations accomplish their mission, we can effectively change the lives of those in need. To find out more watch the videos on each page.

How to get involved

The way that this whole HELP thing works is dependent on you. Take some time to watch the messages (Heartbeat to Hands and Feet) which cover these issues and open yourself up to them. Every one of messages might not connect with you. That is okay. What you are looking for is one of these four categories to touch your heart. (What group of people are you not okay with walking away from?) Then, let your hands and feet respond in action to what your heart is feeling by:


Praying: All of these organizations need God's blessings to fight for their cause.


Giving: Finance is the number one thing holding back the expansion of these organizations.


Serving: Local organizations could use your hands and some of the global organizations have opportunities for missions trips.