Our pastor


Cameron Graper

Cameron Graper: Lead Pastor


Cameron is obsessed with finding people who are lost and introducing them to Jesus. He is passionate about helping people who already know Jesus find their specific calling and live their life on purpose. Cameron is the founding pastor of Ax Church and led its team to plant the church in 2010. He believes that Ax is meant to reach those in our area that have been forgotten and strengthen the work of other churches in the Illinois Valley. Aside from all this churchy stuff, Cameron loves being a husband (to Aimee) and dad to his two young sons. He still works as an engine machinist part time for his family business, love rock climbing, and his favorite tv character of all time is Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation. If you would like to connect with him, feel free to send him an email. He rarely turns down an offer to go out for coffee.